Any port in a storm – but not just any radio

It’s often said that seafarers head for “any port in a storm”, but when it comes to purchasing radios that can withstand the wettest conditions, the smart ones don’t rely on just any radio, they rely on the submersible Entel HT640.

CalMac Ferries operates out of Mallaig, a British port with some of the wettest weather recorded in the UK. Reliable communications are vital between the ferry terminal staff, pierside workers and crews on the ships, to maintain operational safety and efficiency. After trialling other manufacturers' radios, CalMac Ferries found that the submersible Entel HT640 was best suited to their application.

Iain Gibbs, Port Manager, told Entel: “Generally we find we manage to get two full days’ operation out of a single battery charge, even at the height of summer when they are working extremely hard all day for prolonged periods.” He was also impressed by the fully submersible CMP640 remote speaker microphone, finding it “simple to attach with excellent receive audio”.

The HT640’s intuitive functions were a hit with staff members who found they only needed a few minutes’ basic instruction to master the radio’s functions, while finding it the ideal size and weight to carry around with them all day.

Iain Gibbs added: “Not only have we complete confidence in the HT640 units which proved to cope with our harsh operating conditions, we have not hesitated to recommend this radio to other maritime organisations that we associate with”.

So, don’t make heavy weather of choosing a reliable radio for use at sea – insist on the Entel HT640!