Austrian Cave Rescue Services Choose Entel HT723S

Austria’s National Cave Rescue Organisation, based in Salzburg, is always looking to improve and upgrade its rescue services in the Austrian resort. So it is no surprise that when it came to revising its communications strategy, they opted for the submersible Entel HT723S VHF selcall model which offers a ruggedly robust solution for just such a demanding application.

The organisation, though voluntary, is fully integrated into the state emergency and disaster planning agencies, including mountain rescue teams, who are required by law to constantly improve their rescue services to tourists and caving enthusiasts who flock to the area. Since the mid-1960s, caving trips have become ever more daring as people seek out the spectacular stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes that the Salzburg region has to offer.

Supplied by Entel dealer, Sigl Funk, the Entel HT723S was trialled against other leading brands of two–way radio. However, the Entel radios were found to offer a number of advantages over competitor models, not least its superior submersibility rating and its robust military standard construction already proven in the toughest environments. The long–lasting 1800 mAh Lithium–ion battery pack, offering up to 14 hours' operation from a single charge, also means that rescuers need not worry about losing communications during difficult rescue operations.

Being a selcall model, the HT723S also offers rescuers useful safety features like Lone Worker and Man Down which can monitor the safety of isolated team members during an operation, which may be taking place at night, or across several locations. Sigl Funk also sold the rescue service a comprehensive range of accessories, including submersible remote speaker microphones and headsets. All of which means cavers and hiking enthusiasts can continue to enjoy the spectacular sights, knowing that in the event of difficulties, Entel's HT723S will be coming to the rescue.