DSV Seawell puts safety first

The DSV Seawell is a multi-purpose vessel offering specialist services and support to the North Sea oil industry. To co-ordinate operations, such as fire-fighting, helicopter support and subsea construction, the Seawell uses Entel HT980 ATEX radios, supplied by North East Telecom, based in Aberdeen.

The Entel radios were recommended by North East Telecom’s Mark Allan, for their all round durability in the harshest environments. In fact, with the rigours of rain, seawater, steel construction, gas, oil and hazardous chemicals to contend with, it is difficult to imagine an environment harsher than aboard the DSV Seawell and the various platforms it services!

Fortunately, these conditions more than meet their match with the HT980’s Military Standard 810C/D/E construction. The HT900 Series is also unique in having an IP68 submersibility rating of 5 metres for 1 hour – this far exceeds the IP rating met by any of our competitors.

The safety of its divers and crew is paramount, so the Seawell wouldn’t accept anything less. Being submersible the HT980 is also protected against corrosion, so there’s no need for frequent costly replacement of handheld portables.

With its proven track record, there’s no doubt that the well-established HT900 series of Entel radios has set a new benchmark in North Sea communications.