Entel HT446 making waves

When Entel launched Europe’s only fully waterproof and submersible HT446 radio, we knew it would cause a ripple with end–users more used to splash proof throw-away 446 radios. But this latest addition to Entel’s fully submersible HT series is really making waves with entry–level businesses throughout Europe.

In Halifax, the council–run pool was invited to road–test the licence–free HT446 by Entel’s authorised dealership, Bleeper Services. They wanted to see how this new radio product stood up to end-users using it in an environment where its robust Military Standard construction and submersible qualities would be pitted against the rigours of dropping on to hard surfaces, rough handling and even falling into deep water.

Robin Steele, a duty manager at the Halifax pool said: “As a large site with both swimming and diving pools we were interested to test this new Entel product as we had lost many radios, over time, to water damage. There were no restraints put on our appraisal of the radio as we had been asked by Bleeper Services to test it comprehensively.”

The HT446, like the rest of the HT series, is fully waterproof submersible to the European IP68 standard, which means it must, at the very least, withstand being fully submersed in water at a depth of 5 metres for 60 minutes.

“Over the weeks we had the radio it was submerged in our swimming and diving pools. Even after being retrieved from the 12’ 6” diving pit the radio continued to work perfectly, with excellent audio quality”, said Mr Steele. “We feel this submersible radio will be very beneficial to any sites with pools. It will eliminate the expense of constantly replacing splash proof radios dropped in water”.

Joy De Freitas, Entel’s UK Dealer Sales Manager, adds: “We are delighted that Halifax Swimming Pool recognised the value of investing in submersible portables suitable to their application. This proves that wherever water threatens to corrode splash proof PMR446 radios, the HT446 is a cost–effective, licence–free option, not only for swimming pools, but also other businesses like theme parks, golf courses, garden centres and so on.”

The HT446 uses Lithium–Ion battery technology, delivering a 24-hour duty cycle from a single charge, and comes with a choice of either a stubby or quarter–wave antenna.