Entel HX400 takes the biscuit!

Burtons Foods, the blue chip company best known for the choc chips in its Maryland Cookies, is the latest high profile company to invest in Entel's series 2.0 entry level HX400 radios.

For over 70 years, the company has been baking great tasting biscuits, but while the world and the way we live may have changed beyond all recognition during that time, the company has had an uncanny knack of spotting a product with longevity in its DNA. Their famous Jammie Dodger biscuit has been around since 1960, their Maryland Cookies since 1956. The Wagon Wheel biscuit is even older, first produced in 1948.

So, when it came to buying handheld portables for its sites in Scotland and northern England, it's no surprise that Burtons Foods came looking for radios that would likewise stand the test of time. The Entel HX482 fitted the requirement perfectly, being an ergonomically designed, compact, sturdy radio, combining build quality and value for money.

It's designed with durability in mind, from the die-cast metal chassis and IP55 polymer case designed to Mil-Std 810 C/D/E&F specifications, to the 1800 mAh Lithium–Ion battery that offers a 14 hour duty cycle, an optional battery charge cycle count*, and removes the "memory effect" altogether, meaning no need to fully discharge the battery before re-charging it. For those looking to invest in dependable, back-to-back, two-way radio communications, Entel's entry level HX400 series 2.0 is fast becoming a market leader, setting the standard. Which means, for our competitors at least, the Entel HX400 series 2.0 really does take the biscuit!

* displays only on HX400 radio with LCD screen