Entel HX400 – the choice of champions

Thomand Park in Limerick, Ireland, is the latest top-level sports stadium to install Entel two-way radios. The stadium, home to European Cup rugby champions, Munster, has installed seventy of the all-new Entel HX482 UHF portables, to coordinate crowd control, ticketing and medical emergencies.

The installation, in partnership with Group 4 Securicor (G4S), was project-managed by the Cork-based Entel dealership, Choice Communications, part of the Commercial Wireless Group.

Choice Comms managing director, Paul Giltinan, said of the Entel HX482 radios: "Our objective was to put in place a completely modern communications system that would be wholly secure and that would meet the needs of the stadium management team."

The Entel HX400 Series 2.0 radios have been at the heart of G4S’s global procurement strategy since their launch in late 2007, after a careful selection process vetted them to ensure the highest possible build quality, versatility of function and reliability in the field. The superior capacity of the Lithium-Ion batteries, delivering duty cycles of between 11 and 14 hours from a single charge, was also seen as an advantage.

Clearly, in security-focused applications, a dependable, high-spec two-way radio communications system is essential. The Entel HX400 Series 2.0 radios were designed with this in mind and can be as simple or as feature-rich as they need to be, ensuring the total safety of customers, staff and valuables in any given situation.