Entel’s 66–88 MHz ATEX \"obvious choice\" for Croatian oil rig giant

Entel’s 66–88 MHz ATEX radios are set for the Libyan Oilfields, after Entel dealer, Dolphin Telecom, successfully sold the Entel HT812 to the Zagreb–based Crosco drilling company. Crosco is an ISO–9001 company operating a fleet of 66 modern rigs that offer comprehensive oil drilling services around the world.

The intrinsically safe, ATEX IIA radios will be used by on–shore and off–shore riggers exploiting the emerging Libyan "Area 42" oilfield for the Total Oil company.

Vlado Lescan, Crosco’s general manager in Libya explained: "Crosco is very pleased to have been given the opportunity by Total Libya to mobilise a drilling rig into the Libyan market and to provide drilling services for Total."

But in order to comply with the Libyans’ stringent safety requirements, Crosco needed to invest in intrinsically safe, 66–88 MHz, two-way radio communications. Radios from three leading manufacturers, including Entel, were considered, but it was the Entel HT812 that emerged as the model that combined high-spec build quality, performance and ATEX certification. Immediate availability and competitive pricing were also decisive factors.

The HT800 ATEX series 2.0 radios are built to MIL–STD–810C/D/E&F specification, making them very rugged and robust hand portables. They are also uniquely IP68 submersible, their ability to resist moisture ingress at a depth of 5 metres for 1 hour making them extremely resistant to corrosion. With their impressive ATEX pedigree in some of the oil industry’s most demanding environments – these low band radios very quickly emerged as the obvious choice.