G4S secures new Entel HX400 Series 2.0 radios

Entel is pleased to announce that the multinational security giant, G4S, has chosen to standardise on Entel’s brand new HX Series 2.0 portables for its security services worldwide. G4S confirmed that they anticipate purchasing at least 30,000 units over the next three years.

Following a careful selection process, the radios’ build quality and versatile functionality, as well as Entel’s ability to deliver to a global market via our worldwide network of distribution agents, placed Entel’s HX Series 2.0 portables at the heart of G4S’s global procurement strategy.

G4S is the world’s largest security services provider, with operations in more than 100 countries, across 6 continents, employing over half a million people. It provides top level security management for the aviation industries and government justice departments, as well as event management, secure transportation and storage.

G4S commented: “The communications market is flooded with products of variable quality. The G4S procurement team’s objective was to identify a high-spec model that could offer a complete range of optional security features in a robust, compact radio. Entel, with its track record of supplying large volume orders to high profile organisations met our criteria exactly.”

Steve Mulka, Entel’s UK Business Development manager, who co-ordinated the development and launch of Entel’s Series 2.0 HX portables, which range from PMR446 to MPT1327 variants, says: “For security companies, reliable and easy-to-use communications are clearly essential. We are delighted that after evaluating these products, G4S has opted for the new HX Series 2.0 which was purposely designed with a range of innovative security options included. This blue-chip company endorsement also means that Entel’s Series 2.0 radios are off to a flying start in the global communications market.”