Harrods goes shopping for Entel\'s Series 2.0 HX400

Harrods, the world-famous Knightsbridge department store, is standardising on the Entel HX400 for its in-store comms, taking delivery of its first batch of radios in April 2008. The store covers a vast one million square feet of selling space across seven floors with 330 different departments, making it the largest department store in the world. So for basement to rooftop coverage, Radiocoms had no hesitation in offering this retail giant the all-new Entel HX400.

Regarded as the top people's store for over 100 years, Harrods prides itself on being able to source and supply everything from a simple egg cup to a private jet, yet its motto - Omnia Omnibus Ubique - means All Things for All People, Everywhere. And people certainly do come from everywhere around the world to shop and eat in-store, buying quality goods including bespoke jewellery, clothing, picnic hampers and even individually formulated fragrances.

Co-ordinating, protecting and delivering all this opulence in today's retail environment requires communications that are dependable, flexible and laden with useful features like Lone Worker and Man Down - which is where the new Entel HX400 Series 2.0 excels. Like a bespoke suit from Harrods' gentlemen's outfitters, the new HX400 portables can be tailor made, via dealer programmable options, to fit any application, however basic or sophisticated the requirement.

Loud, clear transmission and reception is just the start. Selective calling and channel naming with up to 255 user contacts, plus a panic button with remote alert, no problem. Battery charge cycle monitoring and a wide range of optional accessories to choose from - of course. But these flash-upgradeable radios will soon be offering additional options too, like indoor blue-tooth location and outdoor GPS positioning that allows a radio to navigate assistance to a casualty or emergency situation.**

All of which seems to have impressed the buyers at Harrods. And when it comes to selecting products that fit the market perfectly, these people know a quality product when they see (or hear) one.

** Advanced signalling variants only