HT900 Series central to off–shore pipe–laying strategy

Subsea 7 is one of the world’s leading subsea engineering and construction contractors, conducting offshore operations in the Brazilian, Asian Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Norwegian, UK and West African oil and gas fields. With more than 100 remotely operated vehicles and a fleet of modern, high-specification ships, all laying pipes worldwide, operational efficiency and safety are paramount, which is where the submersible Entel HT900 series comes in.

Subsea pipeline construction involves coordinating intricate operations on the seabed, on the surface and anywhere inbetween. With so much potential for danger and mishap during these manoeuvres, Subsea 7’s highly skilled engineering teams know they can rely on their HT900 radios in a crisis. Already, six of their state-of-the-art pipe-laying and support vessels have been supplied with HT980 UHF radios, by Entel dealer, NET Ltd – with more to follow.

From challenging off-shore projects in Australia, for Apache Energy, to Shell’s development of reserves in Brazil’s Compos Basin, each involving well-stimulation, trenching, and the laying of up to 100kms of steel pipeline in depths of between 100 and 500 metres, Entel’s tried and trusted HT900 series radios are now central to Subsea’s safety and operational strategies worldwide.