Largest Czech Oil Company Invests in Entel HT926

The Czech Republic’s largest oil company, Unipetrol, has become the latest petrochemical company to invest in Entel’s ATEX radios, opting for the HT926 VHF full keypad selcall model for its three main refineries.

The radios were supplied via VH–Com, Entel’s authorised dealership based in Prague.

The Entels were chosen in preference to Motorola because of their unique IP68 submersibility rating and in recognition of their build quality, designed to give many years of reliable, problem–free, two–way communications. In addition to the radios, Unipetrol also invested in bone conductive audio accessories, including throat microphones and skull microphones.

Unipetrol was established in 1995 to oversee the country’s oil industry transition from state control to privatisation, a process that has seen its three refineries increase their capacity to 5.5 million tonnes per annum. The acquisition of Entel radios represents a commitment to investment in leading edge technology and plant safety. During trials, it was only the Entel radios that met all of Unipetrol’s demanding specifications. Entel’s ability to deliver within a 4–week deadline was also a deciding factor.