Major Indian Shipyard opts for Entel’s Series 2.0 ATEX

One of India’s largest shipbuilding companies, Bharati Shipyards Limited, has purchased its first consignment of Entel HT883 ATEX IIA radios. These hand portables were each supplied together with the CXR5⁄950 skull–microphone accessory, via A.S. Moloobhoy & Sons, an authorised Entel dealer based in Mumbai.

Bharati Shipyards construct a large array of specialised vessels for diverse offshore and coastal market applications, including container ships, tankers and ro-ro ferries. The company operates out of six locations in India, allowing several major projects to be undertaken at once.

Moving into the construction of exploratory oil rigs – the first of these is already being built at their Dabhol shipyard - Bharati needed to invest in intrinsically safe two-way communications.

Though used to using another leading brand of two–way radios, the Entel HT883, with its proven pedigree in the harshest marine environments, including the North Sea, Gulf and South America, fitted the bill perfectly, each radio offering clear, reliable communications in a robust IP68 submersible cabinet powered by the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology.

The all–new Entel Series 2.0 ATEX radios, whilst being engineered to the highest standards, were also considered the most cost-effective way of fitting out the new rigs without compromising Bharati’s commitment to quality and safety.