Portuguese Multinational Switches to Entel Series 2.0 ATEX.

Galp Energy, Portugal’s recently privatised oil and gas corporation, has opted for Entel’s HT900 Series 2.0 ATEX handheld portables for its extensive domestic operations. Supplied via Entel’s authorised dealership, Debex, in Lisbon, the HT982 radios were subjected to rigorous field trials alongside equivalent ATEX radios from other major manufacturers.

The HT982 soon emerged as the frontrunner, offering the required IIC gas group and T4 temperature ratings (unavailable from at least one other contender), as well as higher overall specifications, including IP68 submersibility and a high capacity Lithium–Ion battery offering battery comms. Even better, the price of the Entel HT982 radio came in significantly under that of Galp Energy's existing and previously favoured brand of ATEX radios.

By entering the ATEX radio market early on, Entel has consistently been able to make major inroads into intrinsically safe applications, worldwide, on land and at sea. Its new Series 2.0 ATEX radios, ranging from basic, to high tier, as well as trunking variants (available in all bands), all benefit from and build upon this long-standing, proven track record of engineering excellence.

Galp Energy already has dominance in the Iberian Peninsula where it has the capacity to refine 310,000 barrels of oil a day, but with its expansion into territories like Brazil, where it is involved in 22 exploration projects, as well as generating electricity from oil, natural gas and renewables, Debex is confident that Galp Energy will standardise on the Entel radios for its non–European operations too.