St Paul’s Cathedral

London’s St Paul’s Cathedral is, today, rightly regarded as Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece. Yet when it was built, the bold new design was for a long time viewed with suspicion by those more used to the centuries-old tradition of church building. Now, though, it has become a much-loved cultural icon – and since World War II, when it survived the Blitz almost untouched - a symbol of national endurance.

So it seems fitting, that when church authorities looked to install a brand new communications system into St Paul’s, they should put their faith in something similarly innovative and enduring - the Entel HX400. Supplied via one of Entel’s authorised dealerships, ETS, this radio, too, mixes forward-thinking design with a capacity to last when the going gets tough.

Entel may not be the first brand name that springs to mind when thinking of 2-way radios, but, as Sir Christopher Wren proved, innovation sometimes comes from unexpected quarters, in unexpected packages. The HX400’s strength is its capacity to adapt to changing demands – this radio can be as simple, or as feature-rich, as you want it to be. It can even keep pace with your system as it evolves, over time, unlike some other brands of radio which tend to fall by the wayside, costing you money.

So, rather like St Paul’s cathedral itself, the Entel HX400 will be around for a long time to come.