UK Fire & Rescue Services Renew Commitment to Entel

Entel is pleased to announce that after 3 years’ of success in supplying the UK Fire & Rescue Services with in excess of 22,000 handheld portable radios, the services have renewed their commitment to standardise on Entel for a further 3 year contract.

The independent central procurement body FIREBUY, set up to consolidate and increase the fire and rescue services’ buying power, notified Entel that after 3 years’ successful provision of both the HX400 series radios and the HT submersible series (including ATEX variants), they would like to renew the agreement.

In cooperation with Radiocoms, the Entel dealership that services the bulk of Firebuy’s radio procurement. Entel has once again beaten off stiff competition from other major manufacturers. Fire officers themselves have also paid testimony to the reliability and build quality of their Entel radios, now proven to survive heat, smoke and water, in some of the toughest operational environments.

The submersible characteristics of the HT Series were considered to be one of the most important features, together with other key features like the Military Standard construction, the large, illuminated LCD screens, as well as the long 14 hour duty cycle powered by the Lithium-Ion battery packs.

Entel’s ability to supply in volume, with minimum lead times, as well as its ongoing commitment to product development and responsiveness to operational feedback, was also a deciding factor.